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Self Care Self Love Basket

Self Care Self Love Basket

What’s inside the basket you mights ask?Hydrating Socks to moisturize your feet ✨Honey Lip Mask used to hydrate your lips and helps with fine lines as well ✨8oz of Lavender herbs (Certified Organic) which can be used for a wonderful tea as well as used for a facial steam at home! ✨Pair of Socks ✨Frankincense Oil to relax you and enhance your mood ✨Chakra Incense Sticks ~An invent to burn for each Chakra!💙 ✨Homemade Passionflower Soap great for anxiety; it relaxes you! ✨White Sage Stick used to remove negative energy; used for spiritual cleansing ✨Jade face roller to use after you moisturize you’re face to stimulate and glow! ✨8 oz bottle of Neem Oil which can be used for an hot oil treatment for the hair, or an excellent facial and body moisturizer! ✨Hematite stone uses to dissolve negativity, enhances confidence!
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