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African Black Soap


Relieves Acne (using Raw Shea Butter helps with this process)
* Oily Skin,
* Clears Blemishes and Various other Skin Issues.
* Many swear by it for Skin Irritations and Conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis.
* African Black soap has also been used to Achieve Quality Beautiful Skin.
* Africans have also used this Natural Soap for Bathing and Washing their Hair.
* It’s excellent for Removing Make-Up
* Black Soap will leave your Skin Silky Soft and Clear.
* Black Soap is used to Rid the Skin of Rashes, Ring Worm, Measles, and Body Odors.
* It is also used as a Natural Shampoo to Avoid Dry Itchy Scalp.
* Black African Soap is Rich is Vitamins A & E and Iron

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