Goddess & Princess Bond VSteam

$ 100

What a perfect opportunity to bond with your daughter! It is so vital to teach little princesses their worth! It goes a very long way! Lets tap into her little Inner Goddess and assist her, mold her to know that she only has one body. You have to be good to your body! Knowing Self Care and Self Love early on is so very important and could truly shape a person for he better! 

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Womb Stimulation


This service assists with detoxing, tightening and removal of impurities. It works to draw out harmful bacteria, improving blood flow to the reproductive organs. Your  womb can hold on to the energy of traumatic experiences of your past? Did you know that this very same thing applies to you past sexual partners as well? 

This service clears up negative energies and has been known to improve your chances on getting pregnant as it increases blood circulation to your reproductive organs.

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Goddess VSteam


Imagine getting away from reality without having to pack a bag? Devyne Wellness takes great pride in servicing women and focusing on their wellness.  A VSteam is excellent for any woman who is suffering from reoccurring yeast infections, BV, Fibroids, Cysts, Infertility, Menopause, Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Trauma, Emotional Trauma.

Please know that you do not have to have ANYTHING going on to get a VSteam. Your vagina does cleanse itself on its own, however to maintain a healthy vagina a little "boost" doesn't every help! We love general cleanses and you will too!  

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Allow us to assist you to Tap into your Inner Goddess...


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