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 Welcome and thank you for your interest in getting Yoni Steamed Certified!  

We here at Devyne Wellness have created an online course plan in which you will learn the benefits of Yoni Steaming You will become certified and can begin to do your own at home Yoni Steams, OR you can choose to open up your own spa!

Please keep in mind if you choose to open up your own spa, Devyne Wellness will be able to assist you with all of your needs! Whether you need burners, Yoni Steam gowns, Yoni chairs, Herbs, we have you covered! To discuss more in further, feel free to give us a call directly or you may email us HERE. 

Lets go further in detail, our first course that we offer is

 Self Love/Self Care~This is a one on one course (or can be in a group setting as this is completely up to the student) with the owner of Devyne Wellness who is also an Empath. She has a sharp sense and will be able to assist any woman who is in need of getting herself on the right track. It is strongly urged that you are familiar with the importance of Self Love and Self Care prior to getting Yoni Steamed Certified. We want to make sure that you are providing the most impeccable experience and one should be in tune with themselves since they are assisting other women spiritually and physically.

This course will NOT have a certificate as well, but it is more of a one on one session to prepare you for this spiritual journey. 

Online Yoni Steam Certification~This is perfect for the woman who would like to do her own Yoni Steams at home properly OR the woman who would like to own her own spa.




Here are the breakdowns of the courses offered at Devyne Wellness

Self Love/Self Care~This course is for the woman who may feel a little lost and is in need of one on one time with the owner of Devyne Wellness, who is also an Empath. It is strongly encouraged that you are grounded before getting Yoni Certified. You have a lot of women counting on you! Yoni Steaming is not just throwing herbs in a pot of water... You will experience a deeper connection; both physically, mentally, and spiritually!  This is NOT a  required course

Business Duo/Yoni Steaming Certification~This course is for anyone who is interested in tapping into the mind of a business guru. You will get assistance with EIN setup, which corporation to choose, we will go over excellent business strategies as well as marketing strategies! You will feel as if you are in a meeting with your business partner! Selena Janea LOVES to talk business and wants you to succeed!

Online Yoni Steam Certification~This is for the woman who would like to do her own steams at home or open her own spa. This course is normally 2-3 weeks and we meet once per week for 3-4 hours. There will be assignments before your certification is given. Self Love and Self Care will be in this curriculum, however, it will more than likely be in a group setting for this class. (Some women have preferred one on one Self Love course that is why it has been separated) . Allow us to assist you on this journey!

Residential Yoni Steam Certification~This is a physical walk in course. Location is usually at the spa, however, we do sometimes meet at local venues; detailed information will be  given after registration. This is a hands on class. We will role play and you will also be able to experience a Yoni Steam as well. Vegan Lunch is included and provided by Juice & Moor. 

Retreat Yoni Steam Certification~This is the physical walk in course with a twist! Again, we reiterate, you must be prepared. You have to have a passion to assist others. Know how to unwind and prepare your mind. The retreat is a 2 day event . We will have knowledge circles, healing circles, we will laugh, we will cry, we will have Yoga, Reiki, massages and catering!.. 

Course Pricing CLICK HERE

Allow us to assist you to Tap into your Inner Goddess...


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