Who is the Goddess behind  Devyne Wellness?

Devyne Wellness is owned by Selena Janea; a native of Raleigh, NC...Born and raised by two country parents, she knows the importance of knowing her roots; understanding her culture at a deeper level and feeding off the land. She received her first training at a beautiful wellness center in Gastonia, NC named One Drop Wellness Center.  Her instructor is the amazing Raven Little! She then pursued to get her certification in teaching other Goddesses at Love My Womb Academy and her instructor that was the amazing  Tracey Bryant!

Her heart, her fire, is her son. She is a mother as well as an advocate for him as he is mildly autistic. She has jumped through hoops turning “nos” into “yes” with her determination and will power! Her goal is to continue to show the world about supernatural blessings. For someone to tell you that your son will only be able to get a certificate and not a diploma and will not be able to obtain his license, to watching her son walk across the stage to get his diploma as well as having his drivers license and he also has returned from a 1 year program for getting a certified trade!

She's a beast at whatever she puts her hands on! This Warrior Goddess is also an Empath, allowing her to never meet a stranger and her energy will give you a sense of ease and comfort. You will feel as if you are talking to your sister or best friend, or to you younger folks, second mom? !

Devyne Wellness is located in the peaceful and serene city of Henderson, NC. Selena Janea welcomes you to come and meet her to assist you on your womb wellness journey!

Allow us to assist you to Tap into your Inner Goddess...


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